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MyFitStyle believes that wellness is completely individual. We put in the extra time to understand our clientele and provide multifaceted solutions to their wellness needs.

Our programs are comprehensive ensuring excellence in data collection, assessment, consultation, implementation and support.

With our professional network off the most caring holistic and medical staff, we assure our clients exceptional service on their journey to wellness.
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Workplace Wellness 
MyFitStyle's Workplace Wellness Programs are changing how corporations, municipalities and small towns view wellness programs.

MyFitStyle began with personal training. Trust, integrity, and exceptional customer support were pillars then and still are today.

MyFitStyle has a variety of professionals available to help you reach your health and wellness goals including professional personal trainers, nutritionists, holistic health coaches and massage therapists.

Individual Services
Community Services
Every town or city needs its residents to be engaged. Whether it's to attract new residents or engage the current population, MyFitStyle can design programs that will engage residents in healthy fun activities.

Investing is an important part of life. We invest money, time, effort; but how much time and money do we invest in our health? 

At MyFitStyle we think that the health of communities and individuals is of the utmost importance. We pride ourself on making exceptional health and wellness achievable for everyone.

We have the answers to your health and wellness questions. 
What We Do
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