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MyFitStyle believes that wellness is completely individual. We put in the extra time to understand our clientele and provide multifaceted solutions to their wellness needs.

Our programs are comprehensive ensuring excellence in data collection, assessment, consultation, implementation and support.

With our professional network off the most caring holistic and medical staff, we assure our clients exceptional service on their journey to wellness.
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Chief Executive Officer of MyFitStyle, Mr. Moore is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist; with specialties in prenatal fitness and youth fitness. Tim is also a health and wellness columnist, published fitness model and competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Moore also dedicates his efforts to eliminating health disparities by serving on the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership, YMCA REACH Coalition, and as a Commissioner on the Windsor Human Relations Commission.
MyFitStyle uses local professionals for all of our wellness services. We feel that by working with local professionals we can provide our clients with the support they need to achieve long lasting lifestyle changes. 

Our team members are professional, knowledgeable and supportive of your wellness goals. Scroll down to learn more!
Board Certified Health Coach and Founder of Hungry Hungry Health; Jackie is ever-ambitious, forward thinking and responsible. Ms. Lipson's objective is to improve the health and happiness of the world one person at a time.  She aims to provide the knowledge and support that clients need to take charge of their weight, stress and overall health.
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Growing up Jackie never thought of herself as healthy. She loved cats and clothes but vegetables were the enemy. She didn't play any sports and many of her meals took place at McDonalds. At age 13 she weighed 266 lb. Homework was enough of a burden for a teenager to carry, let alone over 100 lb of excess body fat. She struggled with my weight and I was unsatisfied with herself and her seemingly unreachable weight goals. She tried losing weight through diet after diet but always seemed to get stuck.

The summer after her freshman year of college she decided she was sick of disappointment.  She was tired of looking at herself in the mirror and hating what she saw. With her family supporting her she spent the summer dedicating myself to...well, myself. I exercised daily and practiced portion control and 40 lbs later I was thrilled with the work I'd done. She dedicated the next 3 years of her life to working with a health coach and achieved her health goals.  She graduated from college in May 2012, in search of a career that would allow me to live a healthy and happy life. After her amazing personal transformation, becoming a health coach was a no-brainer. She now strives to assist people to achieve their personal health goals with the same passion and drive that helped her achieve her own success.
Growing up Tim was a multi-sport athlete. When Tim was 7 his younger brother was born and diagnosed with spina bifida, a neural tube defect which occurs due to a vitamin b deficiency during pregnancy . Throughout his youth Tim watched his younger brother undergo numerous medical procedures to monitor and correct the condition which could have ultimately led to the paralysis of his younger brother. This caused Tim to value his ability to play sports and engage in activities without worry. 

After graduation Tim decided he was going to dedicate his life to helping people; pursuing a degree in pharmacy. After working in retail pharmacy, Tim realized he was not helping people the way he envisioned; he left his major to pursue a criminal justice and behavioral science degree. During this transition he became a personal trainer. While in school for criminal justice, again, Tim realized still was not affecting people the way he hoped but he was building a following as a personal trainer and the feeling was addictive. He found that through positive support he was helping people change their lives. Tim yearned to affect more people; 6 years later he formed MyFitStyle with the hopes of affecting larger groups through community, corporate and municipal wellness programs.

Still thankful from the medical community that helped his brother, Tim seeks to promote programming to increase health and wellness activities during pregnancy and eliminate health disparities in hopes of preventing children and families from suffering the hardships of health complications.
Previously a division 1 soccer and basketball player with all New England, All region awards, and Striker of the Year. Meagan has been personal training for over 7 years now and can't go a day without it. She holds certifications in ACE Weight Management Consulting and the National Academy of Sports Medicine; her knowledge, passion and continued education leads her and her clients to results and success. 

Meagan has also coached Glastonbury High School girls soccer, MCC Soccer, and worked with several premier teams and top athletes.