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MyFitStyle believes that wellness is completely individual. We put in the extra time to understand our clientele and provide multifaceted solutions to their wellness needs.

Our programs are comprehensive ensuring excellence in data collection, assessment, consultation, implementation and support.

With our professional network off the most caring holistic and medical staff, we assure our clients exceptional service on their journey to wellness.
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As the health care landscape shiftsemployers are reassessing their role as health care benefits provider and subsidizer, while redefining their role in the health, safety and performance of their workforce.

Employers are seeking actions to mitigate costs by adopting health management strategies within their strategic plan and benefits program.

MyFitStyle has partnered with FitThumb to provide new concepts, programs and strategies that promote a healthy life for you, your family and your workforce, plus a healthy bottom line for your business and your community

 Decreased healthcare expenses  Increased quality and productivity.  Decreased turnover and burnout. 

 Increased morale and commitment  Increased efficiency and creativity   Increased engagement and loyalty. 

This comprehensive set of online tools & reports automatically provide the following to individual employees and management each month: 

Health Challenges
  Engaging fitness, nutrition & life-management challenges that assist individuals in discovering and enhancing their own personal health choices/patterns. 

 Fun-fact filled education built into each module that enhances understanding which results in a sustained change in health choices over time—a healthier workforce. 

Performance Tracking
 Robust monthly individual/group/organizational reports that assist management in identifying top performers, percent of engagement by department, roadmaps of ‘best practices’ where successful outcomes are obtained. 

 Tangible personal rewards are earned by acquiring ‘Click-Points’ embedded in each health challenge that can be retrieved from your custom-designed Incentive Store.